Intellectual property Legal Service Department

Duan & Duan Intellectual Property Legal Service Department provides clients with legal services including: domestic and foreign intellectual property investigation, application, registration and extension, as well as subsequent refusal review, objection, withdrawal and invalidation, etc.; intellectual property management and dispute resolution ; Intellectual property transactions, licensing, etc. Duan & Duan has extensive experience in the field of domestic intellectual property litigation, and his clients include many well-known multinational companies and domestic enterprises. Over the years, Duan & Duan's lawyers have dealt with a large number of intellectual property disputes. Even in very complex cases, with the comprehensive litigation experiences and professional skills of Duan & Duan's team, they can win favorable judgments for their clients. Based on an in-depth understanding of intellectual property laws and a thorough grasp of background science and technology, lawyers Duan & Duan can bring more chances of success to clients.