Criminal Legal Service Department

The Criminal Legal Service Department is the firm’s key business and strength business, as well as one of the firm’s brand businesses.

The department has gathered a group of outstanding criminal defense lawyers with solid legal theory and outstanding practical ability, as well as a team of criminal lawyers with exquisite criminal defense skills and strong style.

Giving full play to its overall strength to provide criminal legal services to the parties is the characteristic and advantage of our firm. In order to ensure the quality of case handling, the criminal cases handled by the lawyers of the department are discussed by the senior lawyers of the department, and the most scientific and most beneficial defense strategies and defense plans for the parties, as well as the defense strategies and defense plans for major, complex and difficult cases, are formulated after discussion by the senior lawyers of the department. It is implemented by criminal law experts after argumentation. Therefore, any party can obtain high-quality criminal legal services in our firm.