Construction Engineering and Real Estate Legal Service Department
Duan & Duan Construction Engineering and Real Estate Legal Service Department is a professional legal service team formed by Director Meng Di, other lawyers, senior consultants and many other people. The team brings together partners, practicing lawyers, accountants, architects, Planners, etc., the team has been focusing on construction e...
Criminal Legal Service Department
The Criminal Legal Service Department is the firm’s key business and strength business, as well as one of the firm’s brand businesses.The department has gathered a group of outstanding criminal defense lawyers with solid legal theory and outstanding practical ability, as well as a team of criminal lawyers with exquisite criminal defense s...
Intellectual property Legal Service Department
Duan & Duan Intellectual Property Legal Service Department provides clients with legal services including: domestic and foreign intellectual property investigation, application, registration and extension, as well as subsequent refusal review, objection, withdrawal and invalidation, etc.; intellectual property management and dispute resol...
Foreign-related Legal Service Department
Duan & Duan has been widely recognized as one of China's leading law firms in the field of cross-border dispute resolution. Duan & Duan’s partners and lawyers have outstanding knowledge and experience in handling foreign-related and international arbitration cases in Mainland China and other jurisdictions (such as Hong Kong, Singapore, an...
Corporate Legal Service Department
Our Corporate Legal Service Department actively provides legal services for various domestic and cross-border transactions. Our lawyers frequently handle various types of comprehensive corporate transactions.Our business scope includes the company's daily legal business, labor, cross-border investment, mergers and acquisitions, and other ...
Bankruptcy Legal Service Department
The Bankruptcy Legal Service Department Duan & Duan Law Firm Shenzhen Office focuses on providing one-stop legal services for rescue and reorganization of distressed enterprises. It has accumulated rich experience in the fields of corporate debt restructuring, bankruptcy reorganization, and compulsory liquidation, and is able to provide c...
Securities financial Legal Service Department
Duan & Duan is the earliest law firm engaged in securities business legal services in China. Since 1994, Duan & Duan has acted as an issuer and underwriter's lawyer, providing legal services for many well-known companies' domestic and overseas stock offerings and other securities businesses. Duan & Duan has also accumulated many successfu...
Financial leasing Legal Service Department
Duan & Duan Financial Leasing Legal Service Department follows a professional division of labor and teamwork service model, aiming to provide customers with professional, efficient, and comprehensive legal services. The service areas include: corporate legal risk control system establishment, legal risk management training; Project operat...
Labor Legal Service Department
The Labor Legal Service Department of Duan & Duan Law Firm Shenzhen Office is a professional team formed by a number of professionals in the labor, personnel and social security fields. The team focuses on helping companies with labor contracts, rules and regulations, and corporate employment in human resource management. , Special employ...
Marriage and Family Legal Service Department
Lawyers in the Marriage and Family Legal Service Department of Duan & Duan Law Firm Shenzhen Office have rich experience in handling marriage and family cases, and are good at handling marriage litigation, marriage mediation and other cases. The team of lawyers use a wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, starting from ...

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2023年12月11日,最高人民法院、民政部、全国妇联联合举行“推进移风易俗 治理高额彩礼”新闻发布会,发布涉彩礼纠纷典型案例。最高人民法院民一庭庭长陈宜芳,民...
最高检发布检察机关依法惩治电信网络诈骗及其关联犯罪典型案例坚持惩防治并举全力维护人民群众合法权益和社会稳定 在《中华人民共和国反电信网络诈骗法》实施一周年之际,...
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