Construction Engineering and Real Estate Legal Service Department

Duan & Duan Construction Engineering and Real Estate Legal Service Department is a professional legal service team formed by Director Meng Di, other lawyers, senior consultants and many other people. The team brings together partners, practicing lawyers, accountants, architects, Planners, etc., the team has been focusing on construction engineering and real estate for many years. In addition to traditional litigation and non-litigation services, the team conforms to the development needs of the new era, focusing on the overall planning of urban renewal, shantytown renovation, and land consolidation in Shenzhen , Provide full -process legal services for the development and construction of the project , able to provide all stages from negotiation to determination of cooperation intentions, willingness to solicit projects, formulation of relocation compensation and resettlement standards, negotiation and signing, confirmation of implementation entities, cancellation of real estate certificates, construction and relocation and resettlement. Legal services, so far, has provided special legal services for more than 20 urban renewal projects.

In recent years, the team has provided special legal services for a number of joint-stock cooperative companies, developers, and demolished persons in Shenzhen, and is good at solving difficult and complicated problems in the urban renewal process of all parties.