Financial leasing Legal Service Department

Duan & Duan Financial Leasing Legal Service Department follows a professional division of labor and teamwork service model, aiming to provide customers with professional, efficient, and comprehensive legal services. The service areas include: corporate legal risk control system establishment, legal risk management training; Project operation planning, transaction structure design and feasibility demonstration; business negotiation and legal support; due diligence and issuance of legal opinions; drafting, reviewing, and revising transaction contracts and related legal documents; conducting legal demonstrations and issuing legal opinions on difficult and complicated matters Dispute resolution legal services, participating in mediation, arbitration or litigation; serving as Long-term legal counsel or special legal counsel. We look forward to forming strategic partnerships with more financial leasing companies, and using our talent advantages and scale advantages to provide financial leasing companies with professional, efficient and comprehensive legal services, in the hope that the financial leasing companies we serve will pay limited costs. Under circumstances, continuously improve asset quality and reduce system risks.