Bankruptcy Legal Service Department

The Bankruptcy Legal Service Department Duan & Duan Law Firm Shenzhen Office focuses on providing one-stop legal services for rescue and reorganization of distressed enterprises. It has accumulated rich experience in the fields of corporate debt restructuring, bankruptcy reorganization, and compulsory liquidation, and is able to provide creditors Debtors provide legal advice on company liquidation and corporate bankruptcy; represent parties to apply to the court for compulsory liquidation; represent parties to apply to the court for bankruptcy liquidation, reorganization or settlement; represent the reorganization investor in bankruptcy and reorganization projects; represent creditors in bankruptcy claims (Including the declaration of creditor’s rights, participating in creditors’ meeting, filing of creditor’s rights objection litigation, distribution plan objection litigation); representing the shareholders of bankrupt enterprises in various legal affairs of bankruptcy; representing enterprises in their own liquidation affairs (including being ordered to close down, revoke licenses, revoke, and operate Companies that are disbanded due to expiration, resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting to dissolve, compulsory dissolution by the court, etc., need to organize their own liquidation)。

With the promulgation of the 'Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Regulations on Personal Bankruptcy,' we are advancing with the times and designing bankruptcy plans for individuals who have lost the ability to pay off debts. We can act on behalf of individuals to apply for bankruptcy liquidation, reorganization or reconciliation in accordance with legal procedures to make 'Honest but Unfortunate' debtors are reborn.