Professional Team

Xiaomei DUAN

Xiaomei DUAN


Service Center: Intellectual property Legal Service Department

Location: Shenzhen


Practices: Intellectua Property, including IP licensing, strategic layout,multi-channel rights protection and related civil and criminal litigation, administrative penalty and customs investigation.


Since 2006, Mrs. Duan has been engaged in intellectual property protection for 15 years. He has successively engaged in intellectual property legal services in multinational intellectual property agency companies and law firms. He has served hundreds of clients, including high-tech enterprises, scientific research institutions, ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. It has successfully represented hundreds of foreign-related intellectual property applications, and has represented hundreds of millions of civil and criminal intellectual property cases. In the field of intellectual property services, it is good at multi-dimensional protection of intellectual property, and can protect the interests of customers to the maximum extent.


2001-2004  Bacholar of  International Economic Law in Southwest University of Political Science & Law 

2006 - 2017 American Matthiasscholl Co.,Ltd.

2017 - 2019 Guangdong Shuofa Law Firm Lawyer

2019 - present Duan&Duan (Shenzhen) Law Firm Lawyer